Thursday, August 27, 2009

Campus I: Foust Building

( Being on campus for the past five years has allowed me to see the Foust building in many different lights. I have had meetings, interviews and workshops inside the building but also have sat on its cold stone steps waiting for friends. I'v laid on the lawn and admired its looming structure and how it stood strong and nobel on the UNCG landscape. It is by far one of my most favorite buildings on campus, or possible because of its history and architecture. The building has so many amazing details and the stone work and brick complement each other so well. The color of the building as well helps reflect the history and age of the building. As a whole Foust speaks such an amazing design language with its arched windows, doors, and pathways. Its peaked roofs and chimneys. Its asymmetric layout speaks to the building and the time in which it was built. The thing about Foust is it speaks to a time when all details of buildings were paid attention to down to the detailing on the grates and how the earthquake ties looked. It all played an integral role in the buildings facade. I would have to say that Foust is a focal point of campus that can't be ignored and shouldn't. What a great building we have to represent the study body of UNCG.)

( These sketches are from my field journal and just quick looks at the building and capturing ideas and other thoughts I made notes as I went and also did the steps as we went around the building and talked)
( I thought this was interesting it made me think that there was some great space that might be used as an office and had its own get away door and space)

(The building was full of great details such as the vents/ lamps and earthquake ties)

(lets take a look... Patrick and student looking sketching and pondering about Foust)

(Group Shot Thinking in the heat! Making good observations about the building.)

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  1. glad you included elements from your field journal. i think those will be incredibly valuable to the students as examples. great photos...consider more annotation to help drive your points home. well done!